Mission Statement

The August West Foundation For Sustainable Agriculture was formed to promote sustainable agriculture and strengthen our regional food system through research and use of conventional farming methods.

Mission Statement

AWF’s educational programs will restore the integrity of all-natural farming and healthy food, free of all GMO’s, poisons and toxins. AWF’s grain-feed business will greatly expand sustainable, all-natural farming, which will benefit our environment and people’s health.  AWF’s seed depository will provide present day farmers with organic seeds, and ensure that our children and future generations will have access to organic and heirloom seeds.

AWF’s Objectives

  1. Promoting all-natural farming free of harmful chemicals, herbicides and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) through educational programs and by providing support to farmers who choose to farm using all-natural methods.
  2. Educating children through school presentations and hands-on experience on the farm while imparting knowledge of the agricultural system in the United States.
  3. Providing producers of livestock with access to all-natural, non-GMO feed produced by The Foundation.
  4. Providing marketing assistance to farmers to support access to the larger city markets where demand for non-GMO fed meats is high.
  5. Creating and maintaining organic seed depository systems for use by both present day farmers and future generations.


The August West Foundation is committed to reaching all of our goals and helping to build communities of like minded people dedicated to the same goals. I am personally committed to making this happen as the founder and Chairman of the foundation. I spent 12 years on Wall Street funding small startups. Nothing can compare to the impact we can make here on people's lives.

Your tax-deductible donation to August West Foundation will contribute directly to the programs that advance our mission of promoting sustainable agriculture.